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Fee Development

Services Available:

  • Preliminary Cost Estimates – Our construction cost database is constantly updated to market rates, allowing us to provide estimates quickly and accurately.
  • Due Diligence Studies – With a licensed professional engineer (PE) on staff, we are uniquely qualified to oversee the site planning and engineering process. We know what can, and should be done in each municipality.
  • Construction Management – We handle the entire process, from identifying the list of site contractors, to creating the detailed bid analysis, to awarding the job to the selected contractor.
  • Administrative Services – We are skilled at managing the details, from a homeowner’s association management to warranty work to bond administration.
  • Amenity Construction – We are a licensed General Contractor, and we are ready to build your next pool house, entrance monument, or playground.


  • Reduced Costs and Project Schedule – The total project cost is actually less with our services (we save more than our fee through cost engineering and active management).
  • Increased Owner Awareness/Visibility on Site – We serve as your “boots on the ground,” bringing over 35 years experience to the job site every day.
  • Reduction in Owner Headaches and Timewasters – We handle the inevitable small problems for you, which allow you to focus on bigger objectives.
  • Better coordination – Leads to fewer mistakes, and quick identification of any problems that arise.
Fee Development - Park at Langston
Project Summary: The Park at Langston
The Park at Langston is 20 acres of land in Cary, NC. Meritage Homes hired Fuller to develop the community of 57 homes, including the engineering entitlement and onsite development management.

Fuller added value by:
  • Increasing the number of lots from 42 to 57, thereby increasing revenue by 35%.
  • Re-engineering the site to remove all aerial sewer crossings and underground storm water storage, saving the owner over $200,000 of construction costs.