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Development Services

Services Available:

Market Analysis – With over 50 years combined experience in real estate and development, we provide an accurate and detailed budget including revenues, costs, and their associated timing.

Land Acquisition/Assemblage – Having successfully assembled thousands of acres in the Triangle, we recognize that no two owners or situations are the same. We treat each and every owner with respect and care.

Entitlement – We are skilled at negotiating the often lengthy process of municipal approvals. We start with a thorough understanding of the local ordinances and laws. Then, we create a creative land plan that addresses the needs of all stakeholders- including the property owners and their neighbors.

Financing – Working with local investors & banks, we create a functional debt and equity package that is customized for each situation.


  • Optimized Deal Structure – Through our team approach, we optimize the land uses to complement each other and the land they will inhabit.
  • Best Use of Natural Resources – First we identify all important natural features of the site, which allows us to protect streams, wetlands, and other important natural areas.
  • Maximum Value to Landowners – We seek a win-win deal structure that allows land owners to optimize the value of their land. Often, we are able to seek and obtain new zoning for property, dramatically increasing its value.
Fuller Development Services
Project Summary: Meadows at Southpoint

The Meadows at Southpoint is a 50-acre mixed-use project in Durham, NC only one mile from the Streets at Southpoint Mall. Fuller Land & Development, working with Meadows Land Investment, Quality Oil and the Bainbridge Companies, is seeking approval for a luxury apartment community, indoor self-storage and a new gas station.

Fuller added value by:
  • Protecting all streams on the site with a naturally vegetated buffer.
  • Submitting for a rezoning that allows more housing and commercial growth in a smaller area, thereby reducing “sprawl” and increasing the land value to the owner.
  • Shifting the new development away from neighbors and protecting adjoining homes with large natural buffer.
We also offer Fee Development services...