Best Home Improvement Shows Guiding Home Decor Trends

10 Best Home Improvement Shows Guiding Home Decor Trends

The rapid growth we’re experiencing in the Triangle creates, among other things, the need for new home construction, and at faster rates than we’ve ever experienced. These new houses are not only being built to accommodate more folks moving into the area, but also those who find themselves ready to realize their dream of owning a larger home, or one in a more ideal location. Luckily, our thriving local economy is allowing a lot of those dreams to come true- if these new home buyers can sell their existing properties. That’s typically where home improvement shows come into play.

Get Your Inspiration from Incredible Interior Design Shows

It’s not too difficult to sell a home in current market conditions, but sellers looking to get the most for their listings in the shortest amount of time frequently try their hand at HGTV-inspired makeovers before putting their final product on the market. Others may simply be looking to improve the home they already love with a fresh new update. Either way, there’s no doubt that the myriad of home improvement shows out there are influencing the styles in which these updates and additions are taking off. From Netflix to Hulu to Amazon Prime, there’s no shortage of interior design inspiration, and there’s truly something for everyone! That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate list of best home improvement shows and best interior design shows influencing real-life decor decisions!

10 Best Home Improvement Shows Guiding Home Decor Trends

  • Fixer Upper: No surprise here! When you think of how home improvement shows influence real-world homeowners, Chip and JoJo are probably the first people that pop into your head, and of all the home improvement shows on Hulu, theirs takes the cake. The Gaineses’ shiplap obsession took hold of the country in 2013 and hasn’t let go since. The signature Fixer Upper farmhouse aesthetic has matured a bit over the years and has taken on new looks with French country and modern influences, and homeowners everywhere have taken note! Known for: painted brick, sliding barn doors, farm sinks, quirky quotes and signs.
  • Nate and Jeremiah by Design: If you’ve never heard of Nate Berkus, it’s apparent you’re not a Target shopper. Famed interior designer and Target trendsetter Nate and his husband Jeremiah- also an interior designer- taken on the challenge of tackling joint projects together with style and panache. Their sophisticated sensibilities bring a lot of neutrals, clean lines, cozy textures and the ever-popular “hygge” style to the table. Known for: funky accessories, sleek hardware, low-profile mid-century furniture.
  • Restored by the Fords: Starring brother-sister duo Leanne and Steve Ford, this show brings some flair to the pair’s hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. With Steve’s “MacGyver-like” carpentry and Leanne’s “house whisperer” design skills, these two bring their unconventional and sometimes over the top style to older homes in need of love. Known for: white walls and bold pops of color, adventurous light fixtures, amazing vintage finds.
  • Million Dollar Decorator: This series profiles five LA-based interior designers whose projects include some of the country's largest and most-stunning homes, including a $20 million estate in La Jolla, CA, and the Osbournes' Hollywood apartment. Known for: symmetry, ornate rugs and accessories, ambient lighting.
  • Home Town: Down-to-earth couple Erin and Ben Napier are determined to rejuvenate their hometown of Laurel, Mississippi by helping to renovate homes that need some major love. Known for: colorful front doors, subway tile, exposed beams.
  • Flip or Flop: Californian (former) couple Christina and Tarek El Moussa, and now other couples around the country, take on flipping projects together and try to make the most of their fast-growing local real estate market. This show is no doubt a huge inspiration to wannabe flippers around the nation looking to cash in on their own hometown foreclosures. Known for: dark cabinets, patterned tile, salvaging swimming pools.
  • Rehab Addicts: Spunky single mom, Nicole Curtis, renovates historic homes in Minnesota and beyond, while trying to maintain the character of the home’s original era by utilizing elements already in the home. Known for: wood detail, pedestal sinks, chandeliers.
  • Love It or List It: Interior designer, Hilary Farr, and realtor, David Visentin, battle it out to see who can do their job best when homeowners make the choice to either stick with their existing home in Hilary’s renovated design or move on up to the listing David has found for them. Known for: knocking down walls, adding plants, building built-ins.
  • Property Brothers: Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott introduce clients to the financial benefits of purchasing run-down homes and renovating them over buying outside their means. Known for: window treatments, feature walls, area rugs.
  • Good Bones: Mother-daughter team, Karen and Mina, along with brother Tad, take on the challenge of bringing Indianapolis back to its original glory by transforming dilapidated houses into beautiful homes for their community. Known for: bold exteriors, picket fences, upcycling.

Know Any Other Amazing Interior Design Shows?

There you have it! The 10 best home improvement shows guiding interior design everywhere! Have these designers influenced the choices you’ve made in your own home?

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