CoConstruct - Improving Transparency

CoConstruct: Improving Transparency

J. Fuller Homes is discovering the biggest benefit for all users of its new, cutting-edge home building software is it improves transparency for every segment of the detailed custom and speculative home building processes. Whether you are the home builder, the customer, the superintendent or the vendor, CoConstruct has improved J. Fuller Homes’ efficiency, thus improving its overall level of customer service as well as its bottom line.

Transparency. Transparency. Transparency.

Although this technology offers many features, J. Fuller Homes currently finds it most useful for budgeting, organization and communication. We launched the software in January 2017, and it’s changing the way we do business and for the good. We currently have one custom design build and eight speculative design builds engaged with the product.

The Budgeting Benefit:

Benefits for the Customer Since January, our team has uploaded half of our specs and selections, with a determined goal to have all options uploaded soon. Therefore, custom build customers can see their design options with affiliated prices and make selections or changes in real time. This service benefits the customer as well as reducing potential miscommunication and increasing project efficiency.

Benefits for J. Fuller Homes: Our team uses CoConstruct to maintain its construction budgets. The software seamlessly syncs with QuickBooks, which makes it easy for management to review what’s budgeted, actual costs and expected profit. The consistent and timely tracking of labor and materials enables the company to gain a better daily and over-time understanding of its profit.

An Organizational Feat

Homebuilding projects have many moving parts, so organization is essential. One of Co-Construct’s best features is the devoted section for each trade. Examples of these sections include Foundation, Flooring, Plumbing, Paint, HVAC, Hardware and Landscaping, to name a few.

Each devoted section has multiple members within the group. Members of each trade section include J. Fuller team members; superintendent; suppliers (which would be the plumbing company, for example); our selections manager; and customers (if it is a custom build project). Members can select the people they need to communicate with: in other words, options exist to communicate with just the vendors, with just the customers or with the team as a whole.

Overall, the software’s organizational features make it easy to collect information where it’s needed and to communicate information with the necessary audience.

The Communication Catch-All

For a successful custom or speculative home build project, communication is a necessity. All project members need to be aware of the entire process at any given time for details to coalesce and a truly quality product to develop.

CoConstruct enables the high-level communication needed for success. Gone are the days of skimming email chains or searching Inboxes for one design decision. Capturing all communication about a specific facet of the project in one place improves accountability and ensures transparency—for all parties involved.


J. Fuller Homes will continue to improve its offerings by utilizing proven technology to advance its processes for both customer and firm. In the near future, we hope to take advantage of CoConstruct’s Scheduling feature, in which the superintendent could track a construction schedule. Another attractive feature, Field Log, enables the superintendent to easily record notes in the field.

Whichever direction we head, J. Fuller Homes strives to be transparent, accountable and communicative—with the consistent goal of building the best product delivered with the best service.

J. Fuller Homes did not receive any monies to write about this product.

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