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Raleigh #7 Best City for 20-Somethings

Raleigh - Triangle Building

Triangle building popularity and now Greatist.com has ranked Raleigh the seventh best city for 20-somethings. Although it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what people in their 20s are looking for in their ideal location, Greatist.com was able to narrow down the list to common themes.  Themes included outlets of meeting and making friends, being able to relax and going to a place of employment they love.  Diversity, cleanliness and safety also placed highly on the list of necessities.

Important Factors in Building Popular Cities.

With over 17% being park and recreational land, multiple collegiate, semi-pro and professional sporting and special event venues,  48 breweries, 60 cocktail bars, and hundreds of restaurants, there is always something to do in Raleigh. With triangle building on the rise, there are several parts of the city that can accommodate an active lifestyle. And with the unemployment rate is lower than the national average, these 20-somethings certainly have the means to stay entertained.

Also Featured on "Happiest City" List.

Greatist.com also mentions that Raleigh was recently named the Happiest City in the US. To see which other cities ranked in Greatist.com's list of 20 Best Cities for 20-Somethings: https://greatist.com/health/20-best-cities-20-somethings

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