Raleigh - Best City for Families

Raleigh Named Best City for Raising a Family

Forbes.com ranked Raleigh as the Best City in America for Raising a Family. Raleigh has an economic base led by banking and finance which has made it one of America's fastest growing cities.

A set criteria was used to measure family friendliness which included median household income, cost of living, housing affordability, percent of residents who own their own home, average commute time, crime rate, and local school quality. Raleigh has appeared on the “Best” lists in Forbes and other publications in recent yeas. This is a result to its ability to grow into a major metro area without many hassles metro areas face, such as raising prices and congestion. The local cost of living ranks in the bottom 30 while the median household income ($58,000) ranks in the top 30 among the nation’s largest metro areas. According to the Texas Transportation Institute, commuting delays in the area are eighth lowest in the country. Locals can thank the beltway loop built around the city, which decreases traffic congestion.

Expected Raleigh Metro Growth

There’s just one area Raleigh falls slightly below national major metro area: housing. Around 72 percent of Raleigh-area homes are considered affordable at the median income level. This could just mean growth beyond the family comfort zone is on the rise. To view the other cities Raleigh competed against: Forbes - Best Cities for Raising a Family.

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