Enjoying Spring in the Triangle Region of NC

Enjoying Spring in the Triangle Region of NC

Spring in the Triangle Region of North Carolina is truly unlike any other part of the south. The outdoor destinations and nature preserves offer a great opportunity for both locals and visitors alike. Get your calendar ready and be sure to take a moment to view a brilliant selection of our springtime favorites.

Outdoor Triangle Destinations

With more than 180 miles of hiking and greenway trails and 10,000 acres of parkland, there’s enough space for everyone to get out and enjoy the Triangle this spring.

  • William B. Umstead State Park: This historical state park offers nature lovers 22 miles of nature trails that wind through breathtaking forests. Camping, picnic areas, canoe rentals, fishing, mountain-biking, and horseback-riding make up all the possible ways to enjoy this park. William B. Umstead State Park
  • Fred G. Bond Metro Park: At 310 acres, this park is one of the largest municipal parks in the Triangle area. Located in Wake County, the park design is aimed to preserve the environment and offers a multitude of opportunities for recreation. Some highlights include Bond Lake, a challenge course, and various picnic shelters throughout the park. Fred G. Bond Metro Park
  • Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex: This 34,000 square-foot complex has an indoor and outdoor park and is considered the largest family-oriented, BMX, mountain biking and skateboarding facility in the world! It was founded by BMX pro rider and five-time X Games gold-medalist Daniel Dhers. It features a beginner’s area, street plaza, pump track, box jump, foam pit, and more. Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex
  • Sarah P. Duke Gardens: More than 300,000 visitors from all over the world visit the Sarah P Duke Gardens annually to enjoy its 55 acres of specialized gardens in the heart of Duke University’s campus. Admission is free to enjoy the 5 miles of allées, walks, and pathways throughout! Sarah P. Duke Gardens

Nature Preserves in the Triangle

Triangle Land Conservancy Nature Preserves are spread out around the Triangle and can be explored for free, year-round. The preserves protect important natural resources while giving opportunities for accessible recreation to all Triangle residents.

  • Brumley Forest Nature Preserve: This 613-acre preserve is located in Orange County. In the 1990’s, a subdivision was planned for the area. George and Julia Brumley, passionate land conservationists, purchased the land and managed it for conservation and traditional uses including forestry, farming, and hunting. In 2010 the property was sold to Triangle Land Conservancy. The reserve is a fantastic area for hiking as it hosts 16 different trails. Brumley Forest Nature Preserve
  • Flower Hill Nature Preserve: This 25-acre preserve is located in Johnston County. Rosy pink Catawba – a beautiful pink flower – brings visitors to the area each spring. The area is said to be a micro-environment that survived the last ice age 10,000 years ago. It is a cool and sheltering environment that’s friendly to the famous pink flower (Catawba rhododendron). The trail is only a half mile, making it perfect for a light jaunt, though the real highlight is the geographical anomaly of the area! Flower Hill Nature Preserve
  • Horton Grove Nature Preserve: This 708-acre preserve is located in Durham County. Opened in 2012, it’s the Triangle Land Conservancy’s largest public preserve. The preserve features 8 miles of trail including an interactive trail for kids. The trails take visitors through mature forests with stands of mixed pine and hardwoods. Two small native plant meadows have been restored, including a 20-acre warm season grassland that surrounds the main parking area. Horton Grove Nature Preserve

Get Out & Enjoy Spring in the Triangle!

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy all the Triangle has to offer this spring. There’s something for everyone!

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